How we make money

Servers are quite expensive

When using a VPN, there are costs incurred on the rental of servers, they handle the traffic that you recieve from the BBC. All that traffic has to be served by our server farm in the UK.

Your computer power can generate revenue

Rather than implement a paid-only model or show adverts for those pair of shoes you once glanced at 2 weeks ago, we've decided to use this exiciting new way of monetising of free services. The use of your CPU will generate fractions of a cent in the background, once collected across the thousands of users this will balance the cost of servers that we bear.

We believe that this a very fair and simple trade-off.

We're not doing anything dodgey

We do not collect, use or sell your data to anyone. Other services that provide this software collect your data or sell your bandwidth. We don't do anything else but re-route your connection to the BBC through our servers and borrow 20% your CPU.

Tell me more

We are using CoinHive that mines for XMR.

What if I don't want you to use my CPU?

The other option is to purchase Beebs Premium that costs a few euros/dollars/pound/lira/jars of honey per month.